Malk Williams

Voice Artist & Storyteller

A Versatile British Voice

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The Partnership

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White Lilies

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Robinson Crusoe 2244

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Rough Diamond

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Letters for a Spy

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Under Milk Wood

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Education of a Value Investor

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Wake Up Happy Every Day

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Fly By Night

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Surface Detail

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The Jungle Book

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The War of the Worlds

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A Christmas Carol


With many years of experience telling and listening to stories, a growing collection of published audiobooks, as well as countless hours of reading to my own and other peopleís children, I know what it takes to tell a good story.

I am a regular narrator for the prestigious audiobook production company, Bee Audio, and have completed Bee's rigorous Home Studio Certification Course. You can find me on their UK Narrators roster. I also do work for White House Sound and Podium Publishing, and am a registered narrator on ACX.

No one voice is ever going to be suitable for every book ever written, but have a look at what other people have said about my voice and my work, have a listen to a few of my audiobook sample tracks, and see whether my voice would be suitable for your book. You can also have a look at the audiobooks I've currently got published on Audible.

If you like what you hear, get in touch! Whether you want me to record in my own studio or to come to yours, Iím happy to do whatever I can to get your audiobook sounding the way you want it.

Testimonials: What Other People Say About Me... excellent and expressive voice...

~ Frances Hardinge, Author of The Lie Tree, Costa Book of the Year, 2015.

... his love for the characters is reflected in the distinctive voices he uses for each of them, and, finally, his sensitivity to the rhythm of a sentence and his lovely voice brings my book to life in ways I could never have imagined.

~ Pamela Katz, Author of The Partnership: Brecht, Weill, Three Women, and Germany on the Brink

The softly spoken Northern tones and accents Malk Williams uses in reading it are just perfect for the atmosphere and add a lot to the character of the book and its inhabitants. I loved it. 5 Stars

~ Charlie Paull, Audible reviewer.

Malk had us gripped as soon as he started talking, he is a great story teller!

~ Lou-Lou, 1st Hay-on-Wye Cubs, aged 9 years old

I think that he has done an absolutely phenomenal job. He has a clear and sonorous voice that is faithful to meaning of the text and is far more pleasurable to listen to than my voice would have been.

~ Guy Spier, in an Audible review of his own book.

...this book is exceptionally well read.

~ Mr Acapella, Cornwall, UK, Audible reviewer.