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~ Janine Sharp, Director and Writer


I wouldn't normally write a review of my own book - but since I want to praise the reader of this audio version, I don't see it as a problem. Malk Williams has a good clear voice and the story - and the jokes - come over well. This reading has my absolute endorsement.

~ Nick Garlick, Author of Storm Horse.

I was so fortunate to have Malk Williams read The Partnership! The narration is infused with his impressive knowledge about the Weimar Republic, his love for the characters is reflected in the distinctive voices he uses for each of them, and, finally, his sensitivity to the rhythm of a sentence and his lovely voice brings my book to life in ways I could never have imagined.

~ Pamela Katz, Author of The Partnership: Brecht, Weill, Three Women, and Germany on the Brink

Thank you so much Malk. And thank you again - fab rendition and one visually impaired lady at the Isle of Wight Society For The Blind said it was the best audio book rendition she had ever listened to, so that is praise indeed.

~ R.C. Bridgestock, Author of White Lilies

After doing a ton of research and hearing scores of auditions, I stumbled across a voice expert by the name of Malk Williams, whoís done a host of readings for a variety of genres... the manís voice is like butter. Or is it honey? Honey butter, maybe? Anyway, itís very smooth, authoritative with great intonation.

~ E.J. Robinson, Author of Robinson Crusoe 2244

The softly spoken Northern tones and accents Malk Williams uses in reading it are just perfect for the atmosphere and add a lot to the character of the book and its inhabitants. I loved it. 5 Stars

~ Charlie Paull, Audible reviewer.

I think that he has done an absolutely phenomenal job. He has a clear and sonorous voice that is faithful to meaning of the text and is far more pleasurable to listen to than my voice would have been.

~ Guy Spier, in an Audible review of his own book.

A relaxed male voice over. Stylish, educated, superb sight reading.

~ Gary Terzza, Voice Over Coach excellent and expressive voice...

~ Frances Hardinge, Author of The Lie Tree, Costa Book of the Year, 2015.

Malk has a mellow voice with nice warm timbre - and he can do accents!

~ Lyn Webster-Wilde, Screen-writer and Author

... extremely versatile in his vocal range... his neutral voice has a soft tone, but with an air of authority...

~ Janine Sharp, Director and Writer

...this book is exceptionally well read.

~ Mr Acapella, Cornwall, UK, Audible reviewer.


Malk is incredibly thorough, friendly, professional, and easy to work with. He went above and beyond to help out with our audio dictionary project: adapting as the project changed, lending his expertise in linguistics, and providing us with top-notch audio files. Highly recommended.

~ Jennifer Heinmiller,

Malk is a true professional. Perfect tone, intonation, and timing on all recordings and his turnaround is faster than expected. With Malk I never worry as the process is always plain sailing and the outcome just as required

~ Daniel Shirley, Creative Director, SmartEye Productions

He is both easy and pleasant to work with, listens and interprets with an intelligent approach to the job in hand. He is extremely versatile in his vocal range using pitch and tone well to colour the character required... He takes direction well and is generally a pleasure to work with.

~ Janine Sharp, Director and Writer

Please know that you were a pleasure to work with, and I hire for these jobs regularly - I will definitely be using you again for suitable gigs.

~ Eliot Leigh, Composer and Producer.


Malk had us gripped as soon as he started talking, he is a great story teller!

~ Lou-Lou, 1st Hay-on-Wye Cubs, aged 9 years old

I know Malk as a storyteller at roleplaying conventions, and there, the fact that he's a professional where most of the rest are amateurs shows. He's got a wide range of styles, from drama to light comedy to ballads, and every time, the delivery is always perfect and polished, even when I know he only finished writing the piece earlier the same day. His diction is always crystal clear, even when using some of the more "interesting" of his range of accents.

~ Jane Williams, Storyteller and Writer of Gloranthan tales.

Malk keeps the audience captivated. A true master of accents and voices!

~ Garry Smith, Deputy-headmaster, Llanigon School.

Malk's strong, clear vocals and his truly remarkable memory for both tunes AND lyrics make him a much-sought-after performer and an utter delight to sing with.

~ Susie Stockton-Link, Folk singer and member of the Village Quire.

Malk is a wordsmith in song and verse and the finest ocarina player I've ever seen.

~ Alan Ritchie, "Time aged folk musician" (his words, not mine)!