Malk Williams

Voice Artist & Storyteller

A Versatile British Voice

A Selection of Malk’s Demo Tracks

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British Regional Accents

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Archery Documentary

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Voice of God

Voice Overs

Who Am I?

I’m a British Voice Artist, available for a wide range of voice over and voice acting work. I’m also an experienced storyteller and folk singer.

What can I do for You?

If you’re looking for a male voice artist, then quite a lot... I’ve got a versatile voice, a good ear for accents, and can deliver reads that range from warm and friendly, through precise and formal, right down to guttural and spine-tingling!

I'm also an experienced proof-reader and editor, if you want me to work with you to make your script really shine, just ask!

I know that what my clients need is High Quality and Quick Turnaround, and that's what I aim to provide. Every time.

Storytelling and Audiobooks

A good story deserves a narrator who draws listeners in, and brings the characters and the world they live in to life, and that’s what I can do for you! Check out my Audiobooks page for more details.

Accents, Dialects & Character Voices

I have always had a knack for accents and can perform (in either a realistic or caricatured way) a wide range of UK regional accents, as well as many from countries across the World. Have a look at the Accents & Dialects page, in my Demos section to hear more...

Technical Literature and Training

A good technical narrator needs not merely to recite technical terminology, but to deliver it in a way that sounds natural and accessible. Years of teaching and writing technical documentation has given me a lot of practice in really conveying the meaning of the most tongue-twisting technical terms.

Testimonials: What Other People Say About Me...

A relaxed male voice over. Stylish, educated, superb sight reading.

~ Gary Terzza, Voice Over Coach

Malk is incredibly thorough, friendly, professional, and easy to work with. He went above and beyond to help out with our audio dictionary project: adapting as the project changed, lending his expertise in linguistics, and providing us with top-notch audio files. Highly recommended.

~ Jennifer Heinmiller,

Malk is a true professional. Perfect tone, intonation, and timing on all recordings and his turnaround is faster than expected. With Malk I never worry as the process is always plain sailing and the outcome just as required

~ Daniel Shirley, Creative Director, SmartEye Productions

He is extremely versatile in his vocal range, using pitch and tone well to colour the character required... He takes direction well and is generally a pleasure to work with.

~ Janine Sharp, Director and Writer

Excellent work from a talented man.

~ Guy Michaels, of Round Island.

Recent Work

In the last few weeks I have completed work for:

I have also completed several new audiobooks, including White Lilies, by R.C. Bridgestock; The Partnership, by Pamela Katz; and Robinson Crusoe: 2244, by E.J. Robinson; all available on Audible.

Above: a video I voiced for football coaching software company