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Voicereels & Samples

This section contains a comprehensive selection of my demos and samples. There are separate pages for the different categories, and explanatory notes about the content and production of each track. Some samples are included in more than one category.

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Audiobook & Narration Samples

All these samples were recorded in my home studio. Unless otherwise stated, these Audiobook extracts were mastered and produced by Bee Audio.
Most, but not all are from published audiobooks.

Audiobook Mix Reel
Compilation of various audiobook extracts.
All recorded in my home studio. Edited and re-mastered by myself.
The Partnership (History/Biography)
The story of the creative partnership between Bertolt Brecht, Kurt Weill and the prominent women in their lives, set against the turbulent backdrop of Weimar Germany.
Narrative, describing the moments before Weill and Brecht meet.
White Lilies (Detective Fiction)
Police detective fiction, set in Yorkshire. 3rd book in the D.I. Dylan series.
Passage from the first chapter, as an elderly lady is killed in a car crash, the police become involved. Yorkshire accents.
Edited and mastered entirely by myself. 2015.
Robinson Crusoe 2244 (Sci-fi)
YA, sci-fi adventure story, loosely based on Robinson Crusoe.
Descriptive narrative, as Robinson explores the ruins of Washington DC.
Edited and mastered entirely by myself. 2015.
Rough Diamond (Historical fiction)
The story of Barney Barnarto, set amid the Diamond mines of 19th Century South Africa.
A hostile conversation between protagonist Barney Barnarto and his rival, Cecil Rhodes. 2015.
The Ghosts of Africa (Historical Fiction)
Historical fiction set in Tanzania during the First World War.
Atmospheric introduction to the novel's setting and its main character, German officer, Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck. Narrative & character voices. 2015.
Under Milk Wood (Prose-poetry)
The opening of Under Milk Wood, by Dylan Thomas. Recorded as part of the audiobook Dylan Thomas: A Centenary Celebration.
Rich, spine-tinglingly evocative verse. Read with a subtle hint of Welsh accent.2014
The Elfin Ship (Fantasy)
First book of a children's fantasy series: The Balumnia Trilogy.
Tense, atmospheric scene, in which the heroes paddle a canoe down a foggy river at night, in pursuit of their stolen raft. 2014.
I re-mastered this sample myself.
The Education of a Value Investor
An autobiographical book explaining the author, Guy Spier's investment philosophy.
I was chosen for this book, as the narrator had to emulate Guy's voice and accent (a curious mix of English, German, South African, Israeli, American and Swiss)! Guy was delighted with the result. 2014.
War and Gold (Economic history)
An economic history of the last 500 years.
Straight narrative, introducing the principles of government spending, and the the pressures of war on government finances, and the Gold Standard. 2014.
Letters for a Spy (Historical Fiction)
A historical spy-thriller, set during the Second World War.
A dialogue between the hero and his German superior officer, along with the hero's own internal monologue. Period RP and German accents. 2015.
Wake Up Happy Every Day (Literary fiction)
A contemporary novel, narrated in first person by the protagonist, Nicky.
After finding the body of his rich best friend, Nicky is struck by an idea...
Narrated in a slight Estuary accent. 2014.
Fly By Night (Fantasy)
YA fantasy novel about a runaway girl, her homicidal pet goose, and her occasional ally, the poet, con-artist and spy, Eponymous Clent.
Beautifully written. Hardinge's work is a pure pleasure to read!
Edited and Mastered by myself. 2013.
The Origin of Blood Cells (Medical textbook)
A description of the process of hemopoiesis (the production of blood cells) in the human body.
Contains some extravagantly complicated medical terminology!
Edited and Mastered by myself. 2013.
Surface Detail (Sci-fi)
From the science fiction novel set in "The Culture", by Iain M Banks.
Contains one of Banks' famously convoluted alien names, and a conversation between two of the alien characters about the specifications and capabilities of a spaceship. One has a slightly oriental accent, the other a vaguely Intergalactic variant of Texan!
Edited and Mastered by myself. 2013.
War of the Worlds (Sci-fi / horror)
From the classic science fiction novel by H.G. Wells.
A chilling scene in which the Martians' lethal heat ray is revealed and unleashed on the crowd gathered around the crashed Martian vessel.
Edited and Mastered by myself. 2013.
A Christmas Carol (Classical)
From the classic Christmas ghost story by Charles Dickens.
Scrooge receives an unwelcome visit from his jovial nephew, whose Yuletide greetings are met with his infamous rejoinder!
Edited and Mastered by myself. 2013.
The Jungle Book (Classic children's book)
A passage from Rudyard Kipling's classic and much loved tale.
A tense confrontation, as Raksha the she-wolf defends the infant Mowgli from Shere Khan the tiger.
Edited and Mastered by myself. 2013.
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