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Voicereels & Samples

This section contains a comprehensive selection of my demos and samples. There are separate pages for the different categories, and explanatory notes about the content and production of each track. Some samples are included in more than one category.

Poetry Samples

This page is something of a work in progress...
I noticed that I had a number of poems recorded, and thought I would gather them together in one place.
Having done so, I think that the selection is a rather bizarre one, and will try to add to it soon!

Under Milk Wood (Prose-poetry)
The opening of Under Milk Wood, by Dylan Thomas. Recorded as part of the audiobook Dylan Thomas: A Centenary Celebration.
Under Mulga Wood (Prose-poetry)
An extract from Under Mulga Wood: a play for Australian Voices. An affectionate (and really rather brilliant) tribute to Dylan Thomas's celebrated work, by William Christie.
This is a longer extract than the one in the Accents section, above.
Ode to a Haggis (Scots Dialect)
Every year, on the 25th of January, I get a phone call, and am required to recite this while my Mum and Brother begin their Burns' Night Supper!
The Lion and Albert (Music hall monologue)
My own rendition of the classic monologue, written by Marriott Edgar and made famous by Stanley Holloway.
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